How to Build a Parenting ‘Village’ When You Feel Isolated – Lifehacker

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We all got the memo that “it takes a village.” It’s easy to imagine raising your children in an idealized community full of elder villagers who nurture and watch out for them; skilled villagers who teach them skills, sports, and arts; and other parenting villagers who listen to your frustrations and offer support and solutions. Wow, that sounds nice.

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Opinion | Who Are the Real Babies in First Class? – The New York Times

When you’ve been covering a topic for a while, you see the same story lines pop up over and over. On the parenting beat, the dilemma of babies crying on airplanes is evergreen and always divisive. In a few cases, harried parents have been so concerned about being shamed for the mundane act of taking a baby on a plane that they’ve resorted to handing out goody bags in the hopes of preemptively mollifyin…….

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8 Admirable Parenting Lessons Kris Jenner Taught Us – YourTango

At 67 years old, Kris Jenner is the mom of the century. From being a flight attendant to growing a multi-billion dollar brand, Jenner has inevitably changed pop culture and celebrity families in a truly incredible way. 

Building her empire has surely been influential, but something even more impressive is the Kardashian-Jenner family she’s built. 

From the ground up, she’s single-handedly created one of the most wel…….

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Twinkle Khanna shares ‘perfectly imperfect parenting’ tip along with a photo of daughter Nitara, impresses Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Khan – The Indian Express

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I talked to 70 parents who raised highly successful kids—here’s the No. 1 parenting style they used – CNBC

Some parents believe in being strict, while others are lenient. Many wonder how to find the right balance.

For my book, “Raising an Entrepreneur,” I interviewed 70 parents who raised highly successful adults about how they helped their kids achieve their dreams.

It was an extremely diverse group — of different races, religions, income, family structure and education. But as I talked to each, I discovered a common theme:…….

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Folks on TikTok Are Disturbed by “Toxic Boy Mom” Parenting – Distractify

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Parenting can be difficult for anyone. It’s reasonable to think that a parent or guardian tries to prepare for every single possible situation when taking care of a kid, but in reality, one has to expect the unexpected.

In the past, parenting was more of a private affair where folks had to care for their children with few lifelines, save for some thick books on raising children and the occasio…….

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